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Continuing a Strong History of Excellence- Undergraduate Membership Recruitment

As Alumnae members of Kappa Kappa Gamma it is our duty to continue the strong leadership and legacy of our undergraduate chapters. The best way to support chapters is by writing a recommendation for a Potential New Member (PNM). Below are instructions to assist in the recommendation process for PNMs.

Our Kappa Fraternity has launched an ONLINE Reference System for submitting a Reference for a Potential New Member (PNM). This new system is designed to lessen paperwork, streamline and simplify the process for alums, our Reference Chairs, as well as chapters and their Membership Chairs. If you have any problems, questions or concerns with the online system, please email Kappa Fraternity Headquarters at

*NOTE: Your log in username and password may be different on the national fraternity website than on our Dallas website. If you have never logged in to the national fraternity website, you will need to Create an Account (link at Sign In). Help is available on the national site if you have forgotten your password or need help logging in

Helpful tips for submitting online:

Please read the instructions page before you begin to fill out the reference you are completing.
Make note it is important to download or scan a copy of ONE picture to attach to the first page of the reference.
Do not submit your reference until you are completed.  You can save and come back at any time prior to submitting.  Once you submit your reference it is sent to the corresponding chapter.  
After you have submitted your reference you will receive an email confirmation.  Please note it states again, as stated in the instructions page, that no other information should be sent to the chapters, this includes, test scores, transcripts, resumes, letters of support, posters, flyers, etc.
All that is necessary is your endorsement and one picture using the online reference.
All chapters expect references to be submitted online. This is a standard process developed by National Headquarters.

If a PNM would like you to write a reference, ask her to submit her information packet to you online. This will make attaching a picture much easier and she will not have to make an enormous amount of packets or hunt down letters of support writers since letters of support are not necessary to pledge Kappa Kappa Gamma.  Only a reference is required.